Radial Ring

Radial Ring magnet is oriented by radial alignment of powders. It can be straight-magnetized, skew-magnetized or uni-pole magnetized. It has two production methods, Sintered and Hot press. Comparing with traditional arc magnets, radial ring magnets can improve magnetic performance of motors. It has been widely used in servo motors, industry robots and automobile fields.




Sintered Method:

Sintered method is a traditional method to produce radial rings. It has the same production process as a traditional magnet: strip casting, powder milling, and sintering but in the pressing process, it is different. The radial orientation magnetic field is applied to ring magnet to make it to a radial ring magnet.

Hot Press Method:

Hot press is a new technique for producing NdFeB magnets. The main processes are melt spinning, hot pressing and hot extrusion. It does not need magnetic orientation and sintering processes and the magnet’s micro-construction is at nanoscale level.

Multi-Pole Ring

Sintered multi-pole ring is a new type of ring magnet, produced by special technology. With this technology, surface magnetic flux can reach top level. It is about 50%-100% higher than the arc magnets and radial ring magnets. The surface flux is distributed in sine wave shape. Because of its high surface Gauss reading, it can remarkably raise the efficiency of motors and it also helps the motor to be lighter in weight and save raw materials. That makes it a good choice for high-performance motors.

multi-pole ring diagram


  • Higher flux density 
  • Rotor shaft can be non-magnetic material, to reduce the weight of the motor without reducing magnet performance 
  • Higher utilization of permanent magnet 
  • Assembling is easier and saves the cost of assembly 
  • Optimize the magnetic field and motor structure, improve motor performance
  • Magnets are better secured on shaft comparing to arc magnets


Using optimized magnetic materials in our magnetic assembly associated with high-quality micromachining, PPAC Tech provides various sophisticated assemblies for industries like small DC motors for medical devices and electronics such as MEMS and sensors. We will help you become more competitive in your market.

Permanent magnet and steel shaft construction with diametrically orientated magnet tube or multiple poles magnets for brushless DC motors, actuators, and generators.

Bonded NdFeB Assembly with Multi Poles
NdFeB Rotor Assembly

Magnetic Stator
Magnetic Stator

4 Pole SmCo Rotor with Sleeve
4 Pole SmCo
Rotor with Sleeve

SmCo 2 Pole Rotor
SmCo 2
Pole Rotor