PPAC Tech. relies on rigorous quality assurance programs, establishing and maintaining strict process discipline, utilizing precise magnetic measurement and extensive testing. The results are the quality of magnets and assemblies that are delivered on time and perform as designed with competitive prices and superior customer service.

With our cutting edge process technologies and special magnet machining experience, PPAC Tech, as a magnet fabrication expert, is able to make ultra close machining tolerance and ultimate flexibility to respond quickly to short lead times and large production orders.

Here are a few examples which have been made for different applications:

  1. SmCo 26 Disc: D .125+/-.002 x Thk .009+/-.001(M) with Gold plating
  2. NdFeB 45 Rod: D .012+/-.001 x Lg 1.250+/-.005(M)
  3. NdFeB 40 Ring: OD .475+/-.003 x ID .190+/-.00025 x Thk .152+/-.003(M)
  4. SmCo 26 Rectangle: .013 x .023 x .048(M) +/-.0015 all dimensions
  5. NdFeB 52 Cylinder: OD .080+/-.001 x ID .022+/-.001 x Lg .245+/-.005(M) with Parylene C coating.
  6. Cast Alnico 8 Rectangle: .080+/-.001 x .115+/-.0015 x .020+/-.0002(M)

See the Micromachining Capability Sheet for tolerance guidelines.
If you have a critical application, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please refer to Machining Capability Sheet for details. If you feel you have a critical challenging job, please feel free to contact us.