PPAC Tech would like to do free consultation of manufacturability for your design of magnet component and assembly since we understand our expertise may help our customer to avoid some typical pitfalls and to enhance customer’s magnet designs. 

We also welcome all prototypes, small or big; complex or simple. When we plan for prototype, we also take in consideration of how the magnet and magnetic assembly can be made in production with the same or improved quality and more efficiently.  

PPAC Tech selects high-quality magnetic materials in our magnetic assembly systems combined with precision machining to make sophisticated assemblies for industrial applications as follows. We are confident that all of our products will meet your rigorous specifications.

  1. Rotor and Stator Assemblies: Laminated permanent magnets and steel or lamination core construction with radial magnet rings, diametrically orientated magnet rings or multiple pole arc magnets are widely used for brushless DC motors, actuators and generators.
  2. Magnetic Head for Magnetic Flux Leak (MFL) inspection tools for pipeline industry
  3. Stainless Steel Encapsulated Neodymium Iron Boron Magnets for severe corrosion protections
  4. Strong Multi-piece Permanent Magnet Assemblies for Faraday Rotators/Isolators
  5. Precision Magnetic Sensors
  6. Magnetic Bearing for Kilowatt-hour Meter and other applications
  7. Magnetic Filter Bar and Grate
  8. Magnetic Coupling

Refer to the Micromachining Capability Sheet (MCS) for tolerance guidelines.